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Dagestan State University

Dagestan State University was founded in October, 1931 as the Teachers' Training Institute, and later, in 1957, it was transformed into Dagestan State University (DSU). During its formation and development the university has played a prominent role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the peoples of Dagestan as well as in the development of its scientific, technical, educational and artistic communities. Thereby, the University performed a historical mission in the life of the peoples of Dagestan and Russia.

Today DSU ranks as a major educational, scientific and cultural center which provides training at all levels of pre-university, university, postgraduate and further education in 59 specialties and degree programs for natural sciences, liberal arts and technical studies.

The University has an innovative academic, research and organizational structure that includes 17 faculties, 7 filial branches, 103 departments, 2 museums (historical and biological), a fundamental library containing more than 2.5 million volumes, a biological station and a planetarium. It also owns its own seaside recreation base, a sports complex, a clinic and students’ resort centre.

Extensive structure of the university’s scientific and innovative complex comprises the following:

• 4 Research Institutes (Research Institute of Biology, Research Institute of Socio-Economic and Ethno-Cultural Problems of the Peoples of Dagestan, Research Institute of Applied Ecology and Research Institute of Law);
• 9 Research and Educational Centres, of which 3 RECs (REC of Nanotechnology, REC of Plasma Physics and REC of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) have been granted the status of Federal Research and Educational Centres;
• 14 scientific and innovation centres including the Federal Multiple-Access Centre “Analytical Spectroscopy”, the Innovative Technological Centre and the Internet Centre;
• 14 basic research laboratories.

Within the university a number of scientific schools meeting high international standards have been formed. These scientific schools provide the base for training and comprise different forms of education such as specialization, postgraduate studies and doctorate. DSU is an advanced research centre with 70 subject areas for post-graduate studies and 18 subject areas for doctorate. There are 7 dissertation councils in Dagestan State University specializing in these areas of scientific research. DSU team amounts to nearly 3,000 members made by academic staff and other employees. The University academic staff includes 1 member of the Russian Academy of Education, 4 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, 11 members of branch academies, 216 professors and doctoral degree holders, 618 senior lecturers – holders of candidate degree, more than a hundred distinguished scientists and education workers of Russia and Dagestan. The total number of DSU students exceeds 20,000. At present nearly 600 DSU postgraduates are seeking candidate and doctoral degrees.

Dagestan State University is a leading University of North Caucasus Federal District for its extensive use and promotion of modern technologies in academic and scientific work as well as in management. It was first in Dagestan to open the Internet Centre and to introduce distance education.

Currently, much attention is being paid to innovation in the sphere of higher education, to creation of small enterprises and to the use of young researchers’ projects in small enterprises. All these measures are aimed at creating and marketing high-tech products.

Since 2010 Dagestan University has been carrying out the Innovative Infrastructure Development Program within the framework of the contest organized by the RF Government Decree № 219 of April 9, 2010.

Particular Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Tuition Fee 4700 USD 3700 USD 3700 USD 3700 USD 3700 USD 3700 USD
Hostel 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD
Others* 2000 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD
TOTAL 7100 USD 4400 USD 4400 USD 4400 USD 4400 USD 4400 USD

*Others include cost towards Medical insurance, Resident permit extension, Text Books etc.